How to apply Nail Polish like a Pro

The first thing is always apply to a cleanly manicures nail. No dust or ragged cuticles to ruin a perfect surface.

Secondly always, always use a Base Coat.

Preparation is the key to perfection and long lasting polish. After a thin application of Base Coat, apply your first coat of colour. This too should be thin but cover the entire nail, long strokes from cuticle to the tip of nail. The less strokes taken to apply the better. Don’t worry if it is thin or streaky, it's only the first coat.

Then take a little more care on the second coat, making sure you cover all corners, but again, thinly. This will ensure it dries quickly. Tidy up any over painting on the skin with a cotton bud and polish remover - always use non-acetone.

Lastly coat with a gloss Top Coat to seal, protect and help dry faster.

- Julie xxx

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