Magic Wax Board Instructions

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The Magic Wax Board is the best natural nail strengthener I ever tried. After 30 years it's still the best.

The most important thing to remember is to think logically. The more circulation stimulation to your nails, the faster and better the result. To achieve a good wax coat you need to remember:

• Begin with clean and dry hands. 

  - Wax will not stick to oils.

• Start with the side with no writing.

  - this is just ink and will indicate a new side when the other has worn out, to show how long the Wax Board lasts.

• Buff firmly but not so hard it hurts or burns.

• Coat the nail evenly including the corners and the edge. This should take about 1 minute for each nail. Wiping your Wax Board clean with a dry cloth between nails.

• Look to achieve a healthy shine that builds to a polished shine after several layers are applied.

• Maintain this shine for growing strength and Beauty.

• Apply cuticle oil after waxing and every night before sleep.

 - this hydrates preventing brittleness and nourishes the nail for healthy growth.

How to Use Your Magic Wax Board

Our Magic Wax Boards are:* Non-toxic * Non abrasive * Promotes nail health and strength* All natural ingredientsYour nails will be strong and protected from the damaging effects of frequent washing, soaps and sanitisers!

Posted by Hands of Elegance on Thursday, 16 April 2020

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